He Said, She Said: Guide to Relationships

Every good relationship has two sides. The bad ones tend to have one side (i.e. YOU'RE right, THEY'RE wrong). This is a story of a young couple finding their way and keeping their voice(s) while exploring the joys and woes of dating, love and travel.


Monday, July 31, 2006

He Said, She Said: Don't ever cross a girl in advertising...

Men have heard this adage for many years: Beware a woman scorned. Especially when she works in advertising.

This billboard serves as a reminder for all us guys in the world why it’s never smart to piss your woman off. One guy in Chicago recently did, and he’s paying the consequences for it in the public arena. For all you living in Chicago, stop on by the corner of LaSalle and Ontario to see for yourself. Ouch!

Sunday, July 30, 2006

He Said, She Said: Celebrating Girlfriend's Birthday

He Said, She Said, HE SAID:

Last night we partied with thirty of our closest friends as SHE waved goodbye to her mid-20s and celebrated another Chicago birthday. The destination was Suite Lounge. A small plush lounge in the belly of Old Town. Mid priced drinks, decent scenery and the city’s social elite gather each Friday and Saturday in this underground bar to drink away the week’s worries. The occasion on this evening was to tip a glass in honor of my better half.

Based on her alcohol intake, I think it’s safe to say the night was a success. Luckily, we didn’t have far to wander home. Half a day later and SHE still is sleeping off the effects. I doubt she remembers the puggles standing over her as SHE lay on the floor licking her face. But I’ll be sure to fill her in once she wakes.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Superman Returns cursed by a bad marketing campaign

So by now most it should be obvious to all Warner Bros. executives that Superman Returns was a financial disappointment. Including international grosses, there's a strong chance the film may not break even. Which is a shame because this could have been THE summer blockbuster. Instead, Disney executives are celebrating the wild success of Pirates of the Caribbean. Which begs the question, how could the world’s most recognized superhero icon fail to soar? The answer, my friends, is marketing.

Having worked in the advertising business for 10 years, I argue that the marketing campaign for Superman Returns was an utter failure and was a huge influence in regards to box office performance. At best, the messaging was unfocused and lacking in opportunity. Every day it seemed the TV ads would shift strategy. Here’s my friendly advice to the movie marketing folks sitting out in Hollywood. First, be thankful you still have a job. Second, remember next time that you can’t be everything to everyone.

Weeks before the movie opened, the film was being marketing as a balls out action movie for boys. Then suddenly I was seeing ads positioning it as a romantic movie for teenage girls. Oh wait! Now it’s being sold as a nostalgic return to the Superman of old. Oye veh! My guess is they would’ve done much better had they simply let Bryan Singer and pals be in charge of the marketing. It seems obvious he had a hand in the initial teaser trailers that first appeared last winter. And they worked! But when it came time to unleash the marketing plan, the boys and gals at WB screwed it up royally. It seems even Bryan Singer would agree with that, as he grumbled to anyone who would listen at the recent Comic Con. There’s more to that story here. Being that I’m a huge Superman fan, here’s hoping they get it right the next time. And if anyone at Warner Bros. wants advice on how to sell Superman to the world, I’d be more than happy to help.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

He Said, She Said: Why the World Cup rules

He Says:

I have to admit – in spite of all my very best efforts, I am now a World Cup fanatic. I tried to resist. I really did. But after watching the opening round in South America with rabid soccer (er, futbol) fans, I am officially hooked.

I'm amazed that one sport can unite an entire world filled with so many different languages and cultures. In the case of Ivory Coast, warring African tribes agreed to a truce for the duration of the World Cup. Now that the Ivory Coast team has been eliminated, I’m guessing all bets are off. But hey – it was a novel idea while it lasted. In fact, I think we should take it a step further.

I propose that all international disputes be settled out on the soccer field for the whole world to see. Try this scenario: if North Korea insists on developing nuclear weapons, the United States could challenge them to a friendly game of “kick the ball in the net.” My guess is North Korea wouldn’t have a very good team... which would be good for American diplomacy.

The problem here, of course, is that most countries are not so gung ho on the good old “USofA” as of late and would probably line up to challenge the US for a number of reasons. And judging by the US squad’s sorry performance at this year’s World Cup, this new order of diplomacy would likely cause most American politicians to shake in their boots.

But at least it’d be fair. And I think that most of the world would be able to accept the results. Just a thought.