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Monday, May 01, 2006

Married friends are boring


It's Monday, I’m tired and I want my weekend back. Didn’t get to see a movie this weekend and that was one of my main goals. Pretty mellow actually. Spent Saturday night at a friend’s place celebrating their birthday. Do you have any friends who you consider to be “friends” but really bore you to death??

It seems like all my friends are getting married or having kids or buying homes or whatever… and a bunch have all clustered together to talk homebuying and furniture and eat cheese and play scrabble. Ugh! How dull… every time I turn to SHE and say, “if we ever turn into this please shoot me.” I mean, the least they could do is offer up some uber cool games like Chutes & Ladders or Phase 10. Now THAT would be a rockin’ good time…


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