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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

SHE SAID: %$Toe Cramp!!!

He Said, She Said...SHE SAID:

So in effort to maintain or rather restart my work out routine in preperation for Peru, I ventured to the gym yesterday after work and suffered through an hour long cardio tai boxing class. After a rushed shower, I headed over to meet HE for a Swing dance lesson.

I felt absolutely fabulous.... until tonight. I don't know if it was from the 3-inch heels that carry my 5'9 figure on a daily basis or some random muscle spasm, but I was in PAIN!!

Just a couple of hours ago in the midst of contestant #11 from American Idol, I sprung two feet up into the air, screaming in agony while trying to stretch out a sharp pain from my middle toe down the center of my foot and down the right side! I have no idea why or how this happened, but it wasn't the first time. At the most random (and/or inconvenient) times, I find myself limping around the room for 5 minutes trying to alleviate this excruciating pain from my foot. Let me tell you... it SUCKS!

HE called the doctor and immediately ran out to the grocery to load up on water and potassium vitamins in hopes that I am simply dehydrated and in need of some additional nutrients. I am hoping his magical cure works, I REALLY don't want to go to the doctor. I will keep you posted...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If there's no medical explanation, you can always just blame it on your boyfriend.

12:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Toe cramps -- i feel your pain. hope your guy was sympathetic

12:14 PM  

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