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Monday, April 24, 2006

SHE SAID: Pet Peeve #1 - Dirty, crusty dishes in the sink

She Said:

Can someone please tell me why even if the dishwasher is empty, he will not rinse his plate and put it in the sink?!?! I just don't get it... at his mom's house he always puts the dishes in the sink.

It seems like no matter what I do, how much I beg & plead it is physically impossible to either rinse the spaghetti sauce off the plate or to put it in the dish washer. You would think that the recent gnats might set off an alarm since it was he who pointed them out.

I have always been a pretty cool girlfriend, but ever since we have moved in I feel like I have become a nagging mother. I know we are tired and have long days, but after 3 days of mac-n-cheese sitting in a pot in the sink it STINKS!!!! and then it is so crusty there is no way in hell you can get the noodles off the pan.

It takes .5 seconds to rinse the plate when you are finished, but yet he seems to get lost somewhere between the remote control & the kitchen.

However, he has actually improved since his bachelor pad days... there were a few times I almost passed out from the fumes at his old place. I guess some might say I should have seen it coming and it is my fault for buying into those broken promises, but I still have faith in my baby. Yes, I did totally fall for the whole "BABY I PROMISE I WILL ALWAYS CLEAN UP AFTER MYSELF AND DO THE DISHES" line, but I would rather work on the whole dirty dishes thing than to not eat dinner together every night... even if it is on TV trays.


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