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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

She Said... one month and 23 days later

One month and 23 days later there are only three pictures hanging on the wall. Actually two pictures and a clock...

For some stupid reason, when my boyfriend and I moved into our new home, per HIS request… I made the agreement to wait to hang stuff up until “we could do it together”.

Excited about our new condo and as an interior decorating phenatic… I WAITED patiently for the “magical” moment where we would be “together” to hang the pictures. HAHAHA!!

There was the Cardinals game (which we will discuss sports at another time), the long night at work, the training for the marathon and it goes on & on.

3 weeks, 2 glasses of wine and 10 excuses later, I took the hammer and nails into my own hands and hung 2 pictures and a clock… how lame.

Naturally, since I didn’t wait until we could “do it together”, the pictures were “hung too low”.

So once again… I WAITED…

A number of broken promises later, I still have only 2 pictures and a clock hanging on the walls of our 2 bedroom condo. It has been almost two months since we moved in!!!

So… I have decided if he is not going to make the time/effort to abide by HIS suggestion to hang the pics together… why the hell should I??

It has been so hard not to tackle a decorating project head on… this is my passion. It is like giving a kid 10 new toys and telling them they are not allowed to play with them.

If he had any interest in decorating, it might be another story, but tonight I am going at it alone and I have a date with the hammer in a desperate attempt to make our new condo feel like a home.

Then maybe we can sit back and enjoy the pictures on the walls.... together.


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